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  • Northolt, West London Quad Biking

    From £44.50 pp Min. Age 12

    commute 12 miles from London, Greater London

    Double your fun with quadruple the wheel power to blast you around our wicked off-road grounds. Our quad trekking sessions are a great way to come...

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  • Redhill Quad Biking

    From £53.00 pp Min. Age 16

    commute 21 miles from London, Greater London

    We are a family-run business, who always strives to put the adventure into life. Our contagious passion for water and mud sports stirred us so much so...

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  • West Malling, Kent Quad Biking

    From £64.99 pp Min. Age 11

    commute 27 miles from London, Greater London

    Our extraordinary Quad Bike venue, situated in 75 acres of picturesque landscape. Using our Apache 150cc bikes our legendary quad ramble will take...

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  • East Grinstead Quad Biking

    From £123.00 pp Min. Age 16

    commute 30 miles from London, Greater London

    Here at our East Grinstead venue we provide thrilling and unique off-road experiences - you're sure to be in for nothing less than a true Quadding adventure!

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  • Sittingbourne, Kent Quad Biking

    From £62.99 pp Min. Age 10

    commute 36 miles from London, Greater London

    Quad biking doesn't get much better than at our Sittingbourne Venue The exhilaration as the engine roars into action and the adrenalin rush as you...

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  • Milton Keynes Quad Biking

    From £31.99 pp Min. Age 6

    commute 40 miles from London, Greater London

    With 14 acres of the Buckinghamshire countryside to tear through our Milton Keynes quad centre is perfect place to push an ATV to the limit!

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Quad Biking London

From Big Ben to the London Eye, millions of tourists come to London every year to see the sights. But we’ll let you in on a little secret- the best attractions are hidden far away from view, waiting to be discovered by thrill seekers everywhere.

As one of the largest cities in Europe, you know you are never too far from one of Quad Nation’s heart pounding off road trails. Within 15 miles of the city centre, you can find these awesome attractions hidden away from all the usual tourist traps. Our stellar sites at Northolt, Walton-On-Thames and Redhill are just a stone’s throw away from the heart of the capital and deliver some of the muddiest action anywhere in the UK!

Indulge your inner petrol head by climbing on board at Walton-On-Thames. This is one of the most popular sites in the UK and it is easy to see why- putting your driving skills to the ultimate test on one of these off road beasts isn’t a thrill you’ll find just anywhere. There are also classic treks available, exploring every inch of our picturesque location deep in the countryside.

If you want more of a classic off road adventure, why not head to Northolt? It has all the thrills every quadder loves; bumpy woodland tracks and open air country trails, with plenty of steep hill inclines, streams and muddy pools along the way to test your biking skills. Then there is our Redhill track, based on a gigantic 250 acre site perfectly designed to make your jaw drop.

With plenty of transport links connecting all our venues to the city centre in half an hour or less, there is no excuse not to come and visit Quad Nation for the ride of your life. Are you ready to take on some of the UK’s most epic off road thrills?