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Celebrate your birthday in style by letting Quad Nation give you an adrenaline packed birthday party to remember. With venues across The UK and Ireland and a range of packages to suit all budgets there's no better place to book the ultimate party.

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Birthday Quad Biking Testimonials

17 is an incredibly difficult age to buy presents for, so I was worried when my son’s birthday was approaching. All of the things a 17 year old wants are well out of the family’s price range- I couldn’t possibly afford any of the latest gadgets that he wanted, so I was worried that the presents I was going to get him would be disappointing. I needed to get him something exciting and memorable, that wouldn’t break the bank!

I decided to treat him and his friends to a day out as a birthday treat. When you get to his age, it is embarrassing to spend time with your parents, but if I let him and his mates loose on a day out, then I’d definitely be considered a cool mum for the first time in my life! I quickly began looking around online for some activities they could take part in. I knew there was a quad biking circuit just a short drive from our house, which he had never taken part in before. But I can’t think of a single 17 year old boy who wouldn’t love to go quad biking, so I decided to research further.

Straight away, I found the Quad Nation website. I checked the availability for the quad track on his birthday and I was relieved to find there were still spaces available for him and three of his mates. Although I should have kept it a surprise, I decided to ask him what he thought of the idea before I booked anything. I was happy to hear he loved the sound of it- something I’m not used to hearing when I give him any presents. He was on the phone to his mates immediately to see what they were up to on his birthday morning.

I called up Quad Nation straight away to book their place. I was happy that it was incredibly simple to do- all I needed to do was give them my details and in less than five minutes, the booking was completed. There was no time wasting, I could get straight to the point and secure my son the present he really wanted. He’d hate to say it, but for once I haven’t embarrassed him in front of his friends- instead, I’ve made their whole year.

On his birthday morning, he didn’t even want to open the rest of his presents; he was eager for me to give him and his mates a lift down to the track! A few hours later, when I picked them back up, I couldn’t get a word in edgeways. I was more surprised than anybody, as teenage boys aren’t the most talkative types, but the boys all loved it and want to go back for a longer quad trek next time. They’ve even been researching places to find the fastest quad tracks around, so they’ve clearly caught the quad biking bug.

It looks like I’m going to be booking with Quad Nation for a second time. But after their great customer service and how much my son enjoyed it, I can only recommend the experience and say I’m happy to call them again.