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Quad Biking Sheffield

If you are an adrenaline junkie in Sheffield, you’ll be pleased to here you are only a short drive away from awesome high octane fun.

Sheffield is less than half an hour away from Robin Hood’s old Sherwood Forest stomping ground, where you’ll find not one, but two mammoth quad biking trails designed to push you beyond the edge. The first is in Worksop, where you can find a 250 acre safari style track hidden deep in the epic woodlands. Robin Hood never faced action as exhilarating as this- do you think you can handle a challenge beyond even his wildest dreams?

On the other side of the forest, you’ll find our Nottingham trail. This is a classic obstacle course style circuit, as you will be zooming around the track and tackling various water pits and gigantic muddy swamps, as well as plenty of heart racing surprises. This is wheel spinning action as it should be- and with 150 acres to explore, there isn’t a single moment to waste!

Back in Yorkshire, you can easily travel north to Tadcaster and discover a completely different off road obstacle course. Buried deep in the woods and spread across 70 acres, you’ll find 2 different tracks designed to push you to the edge. If you have a faint heart, it is best you stay away from the more intense obstacle trail, with steep hills, deep pits and plenty of humps and bumps along the way!

No quadder will be disappointed with the range of awesome sites near Sheffield. Why don’t you come and see what all the fuss is about?