Christmas Party Quad Biking

Everybody in your group will absolutely love one of our quad treks. You don't have to be an adrenaline junkie to enjoy this thrill and we guarantee everybody will be eager to return for more; once you've experienced the wheel spinning, mud churning mayhem once, you'll definitely feel like coming back again. If you want to stay in the festive spirit, you can even head to a country pub for a well earned Christmas dinner afterwards!

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Christmas Party Quad Biking Testimonials

I’m sure there are plenty of activities that scream Christmas more than quad biking, but for our office party this year, I definitely wanted to do something more unique than going out for a few drinks after work. If we were going to go out and brave the miserable winter weather, we might as well do it in style- with quad biking, we got a chance to power through all the mud, giant puddles and hopefully even snow and turn the depressing December weather into an adrenaline fuelled winter wonderland.

We haven’t had an opportunity to take part in any team building exercises this year either, so it was a classic case of killing two birds with one stone by taking part in this activity. Our team morale would definitely be lifted if we saw out the year by splashing through muddy swamps at high speeds. When I raised the idea to the team, they loved it; it was far better than the usual Christmas activities, which they were all getting really bored of. None of the team had even been quad biking before, so it was already creating great memories before we had even booked it.

I rushed straight to the Quad Nation website to see if there was any availability on the final working day of the year. Whilst all the offices in the building were still hard at work on the last business day of before finishing for Christmas, we’d be letting loose on a quad circuit! I was pleased to see there were plenty of spots for the whole team to take part in a quad trek, so I booked without a moment’s hesitation. This was an activity everybody on the team could take part in, whilst also pushing them beyond their limits!

Once the booking was completed, it was on to the important stuff; finding appropriate clothes to wear, as no matter what we put on, it was going to be caked in layers of mud by the time the day ended. Not that we were complaining- we couldn’t wait for the muddy madness. Somebody on the team suggested we all dress up as Santa or one of his elves to the track and we all agreed this was a great idea; our boss donned the Santa costume and we all dressed up as his little helpers. We definitely stood out when we got to the track!

The staff were incredibly friendly and made it very easy for us to get to grips with the quad. It wasn’t long before we were off on the trail and I’ve never had so much fun in my life! This might not be everybody’s idea of a great Christmas activity, but I highly recommend it to everybody. Of course quad biking is for life, not just for Christmas, so there is never a bad time to go down. But after the fun time we had splashing through the mud and all the giant puddles in the winter weather, I can’t think of going quadding at any other time.

People always complain that we never have a white Christmas. Well, after taking advantage of the British winter weather on the Quad Nation track, I can guarantee that the weather is great- you just have to learn how to take advantage of it correctly!