How can we check if there is a quad biking circuit near me
Use the map to the right. Alternatively type in a town, city or postcode in the search box above
How do I pay?
Some circuits require full payment on booking whereas some will take a deposit. To find out what is required at your preferred circuit get in touch via our contact page. Payment can be made with, cheque or credit / debit card.
How can i organise a group booking?
Simply get a group of drivers and call us on , or use the Contact form on this website. The circuit will require a deposit. We recommend, where each driver in the group will be paying for him/herself, that a small deposit of say £15 be collected from each person by the organiser and retained by him/her, this avoids people pulling out of the group at a late stage. We ask for an approximate number of drivers taking part when booking, you can add drivers to the booking up to the maximum number at any time.
Is there any discount on group bookings?
Discount is usually available to groups of 30 or more
How can I organise a group booking?
Our quotes are interactive – so you can invite your group members through the quote and then they can book and pay separately as and when they are ready. They can also view all the details of the quote – saves the organiser a lot of work. You can add to your group up to the maximum at any time up to 14 days before the event date.


Do all circuits have catering?
Yes, most have a shop with soft drinks, crisps and chocolate bars. On request most will provide additional catering. Check the site you are interested in on this site – full details are on their listing.

Kids Quad Biking

Are there any age restrictions?
Typically you will need to be a minimum age of 18 to ride the quads but this can vary from venue to venue. Speak to one of our Quad Biking experts to find the minimum age requirements at the venue you are interested in. Click here to go to our contact page.

Quad Biking

How much time do we get on the quads?
This will depend on which of our packages you opt for but events can range from an hour to a full day of quad biking!
What should I wear?
You should wear loose fitting comfortable clothing and trainers are the best type of shoe for this activity. You should also wear old clothes that you don't mind getting dirty especially if the weather is wet.
What safety equipment is provided?
Our venues will provide all the safety equipment that you require prior to getting onto the quads. You will also receive a full safety briefing on how to handle the machines.
What type of quad will I be riding?
Again, this varies from venue to venue and is dependent on which package you choose. You will, however, be riding a top of the range quad regardless of which venue you choose.


Do you have any party invitations?
Yes! Please click here to view all our invitations.