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Quad Biking Croydon

The town of Croydon, just south of Britain’s capital city, is so close from the centre of London, you can hear the hustle and bustle in the distance. It is no wonder why so many people living here want to escape the stress of big city life. Well, here at Quad Nation, we have the perfect stress relief: tons of awesome off road tracks just a short drive from Croydon. Let the muddy madness begin!

Based in the heart of a gigantic 250 acre countryside and only 15 minutes from central London, these epic surroundings are one of the reasons why people keep returning to Quad Nation’s brilliant Redhill trail. When you ride with us, you’ll be taking on plenty of tight, winding roads, bumpy woodland tracks, muddy swamps and lakes to splash through. If this isn’t thrilling enough, take part in a time trial challenge against other riders. Think you can smash our lap record to pieces? We’d love to see you try.

From there, why not head over to Walton-On-Thames? Our custom built track is perfectly designed to push every quadder beyond their limits. Here, we offer fast and furious rally style racing in a challenge more exhilarating than you’ll find elsewhere. Racing across our brilliant circuit on these beastly engines? You won’t find thrills like this anywhere else!

From the South of London to the North, where you’ll find our unbelievable Northolt site. No real adrenaline junkie will feel satisfied until they’ve taken on this high octane thrill ride. With a wide range steep hill inclines and declines, bumpy woodland trails and plenty of swamps and streams to splash around in, this is the perfect off road adventure. Just don’t wear your best clothes; mud churning action like this is going to get really muddy, really quickly.

If you’re looking to escape from the city for a day, we can’t think of anywhere better than our Quad Nation locations. Book with us now and get ready for one of a kind thrills!