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Quad Biking Edinburgh

Scotland’s capital city is just minutes away from some of the best quad biking thrills you’ll find anywhere in the country. Scotland famously has some of the most picturesque off road circuits in the UK and Edinburgh is no exception. Getting behind the wheel here is an unforgettable experience.

Our Edinburgh location is just a fifteen minute drive from the city centre, so you have no excuse not to join us. Based at the famous Dundas Castle, our stunning track transforms the quaint countryside into an intense playground every petrol head will love! With countless acres to explore on awesome 150cc quads, you won’t have a single dull moment riding here. But you will have some of the most awesome mud churning, wheel spinning thrills that you’ll find anywhere in Scotland.

If you want to travel a tiny bit further afield, then get ready to hold your jaw in place- otherwise it is going to drop when you witness our stunning 1,200 acre site in Perth. When you ride here, you’ll be exploring a wide variety of different terrain, from climbing high up steep valley peaks and seeing the picturesque views, to splashing through a plethora of swamps.

If that wasn’t enough, we are less than an hour away from the Highlands, which are home to many of Quad Nation’s most exhilarating trails. You haven’t lived until you’ve taken on our off road challenge at Auchterhouse.

Edinburgh may be one of four capital cities in the UK, but when it comes to quad biking action, there is no denying that there is only one city that leads the way.