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  • Keswick,Cumbria Quad Biking

    From£62.00 ppMin.Age16

    commute23 milesfrom Carlisle,Cumbria

    With a mixture of woodland paths and off-road tracks to explore this huge 1000 acre estate is the perfect place for quad biking.

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  • Hexham,Northumberland Quad Biking

    From£41.00 ppMin.Age6

    commute36 milesfrom Carlisle,Cumbria

    Jump onto one of our Honda 250 ES quad bikes and race around a rock and rolling safari through the grounds of the Slaley Hall Hotel.Tackle a vari...

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  • Kendal,Cumbria Quad Biking

    From£63.99 ppMin.Age16

    commute43 milesfrom Carlisle,Cumbria

    Jump on a super-powerful 400cc quad and blaze a trail around 320 acres of the most challenging terrain around.Riders will encounter a variety of...

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  • Richmond Quad Biking

    From£52.99 ppMin.Age16

    commute56 milesfrom Carlisle,Cumbria

    The perfect place to get your next fix of epic muddy action in the charming North Yorkshire countryside is right here at our amazing location in Richmond!

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  • Skipton,North Yorkshire Quad Biking

    From£49.99 ppMin.Age6

    commute74 milesfrom Carlisle,Cumbria

    Located in the heart of the Yorkshire countryside the spectacular quad venue has over 160 acres of off-road tracks and trails to be explored,which...

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  • Edinburgh Quad Biking

    From£46.99 ppMin.Age16

    commute77 milesfrom Carlisle,Cumbria

    With acres of open countryside to explore this spectacular venue on the outskirts of Edinburgh is the perfect place for quad biking – just get re...

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