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A multi terrian quad ride. Once you are ready to go we give you a full safety briefing and 15 mins practice. Providing you show you can handle the machines it is then out on the quads on our specially designed 'Junior' Quad Tracks and consists of varied challenges to test all levels and capabilities. The circuit challenges include bridges, balance beams and road works to suit all skill levels. Ideal for birthday parties and fun days out, through to school activity days. For safety reasons we operate 3 bikes on the track at once. All bikes are fully automatic. One quad to two participants. Min 40 mins on quads for each participant.

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A set 'Woodland Endurance Challenge' gives you trekking with a difference. Assisted by fully trained marshals, you will tackle each route, requiring both skill and concentration. All groups will start on one of our specially designed Quad Tracks, purpose built with safety in mind. Trained Marshals will be on hand to guide and tutor individuals through to a competent level before being taken out trekking. A maximum of 4 bikes and 2 marshals go at any one time and each run is approx 10mins. To cater for all abilities the bikes are operated with automatic clutch and gearbox, so there is no need to change gear, just open up the throttle and go. 1 Quad to 2 participants. Min of 45 mins on quads for all participants regardless of group size.

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Quad Nation's Kingsland trail should be your first port of call for all your quadding needs. With a whopping 175 acres to explore, our trail is nothing less than the playground of every Quadder's dreams- so why not experience it for yourself and see what all the fuss is about? With a fleet of automatic bikes, you won't need to worry about changing gear with us. Just focus on full throttle carnage as you accelerate to top speeds in seconds! Come and show us what you're made of. Our trail comes with toilets, changing rooms, spectator areas and car parking.

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All your quadding needs will be taken care of when you ride with us at Quad Nation's Kingsland trail. With 175 epic acres to explore, this will be the most intense off road experience you could imagine- and certainly the muddiest too! Every inch of this trail contains a different challenge for you to conquer; from bumpy terrain to steep inclines, with a blend of open air and woodland tracks, we have only the most high octane thrills to offer. It doesn't matter how experienced you are on the driver's seat- you'll regret missing out on this exhilarating thrill ride if you don't join us.

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  • Toilets
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You have no excuse not to ride with us at Quad Nation's Kingsland trail. After all, we have plenty of transport links across the Midlands, Wales and the South West, with direct routes to our location via the M5 and A4110. Full travel information will be printed on your booking confirmation receipt.

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