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Quad Biking Manchester

Manchester is without a doubt one of the most vibrant cities in the UK, with world famous sports teams, cultural attractions and night life. But we aren’t here to talk to you about any of that- we’re here to tell you about each of Quad Nation’s heart pounding off road circuits that lie just minutes away from the city centre!

Closest to the town is Frodsham, a Cheshire location just over half an hour away. Boasting a mammoth six mile circuit, spread across a gigantic 200 acres, this should be the first port of call for all Mancunian quadders. We have plenty of the mud churning, wheel spinning chaos that all adrenaline junkies love, in the heart of an unforgettable countryside venue.

Drive a tiny bit further and you will find our Chester site. With 250 acres to explore, this is nothing less than every petrol head’s dream come true. You could be exploring muddy farmland one minute and dense, bumpy woodland seconds later- there is a different heart racing obstacle around every corner, so you’d better bring your quadding A-game when you ride here!

If you want to travel further, then head to Skipton in North Yorkshire or Formby near Liverpool. Skipton boasts 160 acres and some of the most powerful ATV’s you’ll find on any UK circuit, whereas Formby delivers some of the muddiest swamps anywhere in Britain across a jaw dropping 120 acre trail.

Manchester is the gateway to some of Quad Nation’s best sites. No matter which direction you travel in, you are only a stone’s throw from exhilarating fun!