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Quad Biking Liverpool

Liverpool is one of the most iconic cities in Europe, with a fabulous cultural heritage and fantastic night life. But forget that- the city is just a stone’s throw from some of Quad Nation’s best off road trails. If you are looking for your next big action fix, then you have come to the right place.

Closest to the city is our awesome Formby site. If you like your quad biking thrills to be epic, then riding with us here will be like a dream come true, with plenty of heart racing obstacles spread across a jaw dropping 120 acre trail. With some of the muddiest swamps in the UK to splash through, getting on the driver’s seat here is every petrol head’s dream come true.

But this is far from being the only site to deliver high octane thrills. We are just a stone’s throw from Frodsham, a Cheshire location in the heart of beautiful countryside. Who new a location that looked so quiet and peaceful could be the home to action so intense? With a 6 mile track to explore, this is a one of a kind circuit. You’d be a fool to pass on this one.

We’ve saved the biggest trail for last. Only half an hour away from the heart of Liverpool lies our Chester site, with a whopping 250 acres to explore. There is no denying that this is the playground of every biking beast’s dreams, as you could be exploring muddy farmland one minute and dense, bumpy woodland seconds later. This is a challenge designed for you to show us what you’re made of behind the wheel- think you’re up for it?

After visiting any of our Quad Nation sites, you’ll be left in no doubt that we are the quad biking capital of the north. Don’t believe us? Then climb on board and come see for yourself- you won’t regret it!