Below are the 5 nearest locations to Brighton.

  • Hailsham, East Sussex

    Min. Age 11

    16 miles from Brighton

    Quad biking exhilaration blasting it's way through 90 acres of forest in East Sussex. A giant safari trail with innumerable different routes, plus bikes to cater for anybody from quad bike fanatics to beginners and even children as young as 6.
  • East Grinstead

    Min. Age 16

    19 miles from Brighton

    Here at our East Grinstead venue we provide thrilling and unique off-road experiences - you're sure to be in for nothing less than a true Quadding adventure!

  • Crawley, West Sussex

    Min. Age 16

    20 miles from Brighton

    Jump on one of our powerful 350cc quad bikes for the ride of your life.

    Whether you're looking for an adrenaline charged, high speed joy ride, or a leisurely trek around our woodland safari trail, we've got something for you here. You'll be accompanied by one of our expert instructors, they'll take you through a safety briefing and then join you on your adventure. With different tracks for different levels of rider you're guaranteed an electrifying challenge. You'll tackle hills, inclines, declines, bridges, ditches, fields and huge puddles.

  • West Malling, Kent

    Min. Age 11

    39 miles from Brighton

    Our extraordinary Quad Bike venue, situated in 75 acres of picturesque landscape. Using our Apache 150cc bikes our legendary quad ramble will take you through beautiful orchards, across challenging woodland and along testing, and extremely muddy, open fields.

  • Sittingbourne, Kent

    Min. Age 9

    50 miles from Brighton

    Quad biking doesn't get much better than at our Sittingbourne Venue The exhilaration as the engine roars into action and the adrenalin rush as you set off. Tackling a variety of terrains atop our fantastic 150cc quads which, believe us, will make short work of even the most impossible looking challenges

Quad Biking Brighton

Brighton is one of the best cities in the UK, with thousands of tourists visiting the idyllic seaside every year. But they are missing out on the real thrills the city has to offer. After all, Brighton is in quick striking distance from some of Quad Nation’s most thrilling locations!

Every petrol head will love riding with us at our Hailsham site, less than half an hour from the centre of the city. Spread across 90 jaw dropping acres, the track has everything a quadder wants in an off road action kick; steep hills, bumpy woodland trails and plenty of muddy swamps to splash through. One thing is guaranteed- you’ll asbolutely love riding with us here.

Further north in East Grinstead is one of the most intense quad biking challenges you’ll find anywhere in the country. Climb on board one of our 450cc Kodiac quads and take part in one of the most extreme motor sports challenges imaginable in our Dug Out zone. The faint of heart had better ride elsewhere, as this is strictly for adrenalin junkies only.

If all this wasn’t enough, then Brighton isn’t too far from our Crawley location. With an awesome safari style track that clocks in at a whopping 5 miles, this is an awesome obstacle course that every biking beast will love. Hold on tight and prepare for awesome thrills.

A trip to Brighton means you are just a stone’s throw from some of the most epic quad biking circuits in the UK. Forget a trip to the seaside- come ride with the Quad Nation team instead.

"Fabulous day out and a great price for what you get!!"

Alex Paul Green, Derby, Derbyshire Quads

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