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Quad Biking Cardiff

The Welsh capital is not only the biggest and best location in the country, it is the gateway to plenty of awesome quadding locations. If you are a petrol head in Cardiff, desperately looking for a fix, relax- you are just moments away from the heart pounding thrills you crave.

Our Pontypridd trail is the closest to Cardiff and is definitely worth making the visit. With 360 acres to explore, this is one of the biggest and most epic sites in the country- and one of the best too! You haven’t lived until you’ve experienced all the thrills at this stellar farmland location, with high speed fun on some of the muddiest trails you’ll ever see. Trust us, when you ride on this track, it gets dirty really quickly. Are you prepared for the muddy madness?Or, you could travel over the border and get to one of the best locations in the South West in less than half an hour! Our Portishead track, on the outskirts of Bristol (which contains plenty of other quad biking thrills, in close proximity to Cardiff) is a mammoth 400 acre site, containing an awesome 5km trail. It is like a quadder’s dream come true, so we know you’re going to love it.

If all this wasn’t enough, Cardiff is incredibly close to our Porthcrawl site. Designed to replicate the rally karting experience with some of our beastly quads, this definitely isn’t a challenge for the faint of heart. Do you think you can handle zooming around this exhilarating custom built circuit, with plenty of tight corners and hairpin bends to put your skills behind the wheel to the ultimate test? This track even gives experienced quadders sleepless nights, so proceed with caution!

There is no shortage of epic off road thrills near Cardiff. The only question left is: are you ready to take them all on?