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Quad Biking Blackpool

Blackpool is the Las Vegas of the north, so there’s no wonder you know more about the town’s seaside attractions than any of the thrills that you can’t find at the seafront. Well, if you leave the beach behind, you’ll soon find some of the most exhilarating quad biking circuits in the country- all courtesy of Quad Nation.

Closest to Blackpool is our stunning trail in Formby. A mammoth 120 acre trail, our site delivers on the promise to give you only the most epic off road action imaginable. With plenty of obstacles along the trail to push your driving skills beyond their limits, as well as some of the muddiest swamps you’ll find on any UK circuit, you can’t call yourself a true petrol head until you ride with us here.

Further afield in the Lake District, but still less than an hour away is our Kendal site. If you thought the Lakes were quiet and peaceful, prepare to think again; this is a rip roaring, high octane adventure you’ll never forget. Riding on one of the most powerful quads you’ll find on any site in the country, Yamaha 350cc Grizzly quads, you’ll have the oomph needed to explore every inch of the intense terrain.

Or, you could travel over to North Yorkshire and discover all the thrills to be had at our Skipton trail, which boasts some of the most powerful ATV’s you’ll find anywhere- why would you want to power through a quad trail on anything less?

Forget climbing Blackpool Tower or heading to the Pleasure Beach. The only places you need to go in Blackpool are Quad Nation’s heart pounding off road circuits.