Winter Quad Biking – A Few Tips

Quad bikes are built to conquer all conditions, but with  winter weather  even the best ATVs are about to be pushed to the limit. That shouldn’t stop you quad biking though, because whatever the weather, winter’s the perfect time for an off-road adventure. So without further ado, here’s our top tips on surviving a winter quad biking experience.


Keep your hands warm

Your hands are used for both steering and acceleration, which means keeping them warm is key. You don’t necessarily need to splash out on a pair of expensive gloves though, as long as your usual winter warmers don’t restrict your movement they’ll do the job perfectly. Some venues even provide gloves, but it’s better to be prepared and take your own.

muddy quad

Follow your instructors lead

Not only do instructors know how to get the best out of a quad bike, they know where the most difficult obstacles are and how to tackle them. In the worst of the winter weather even experienced quad bikers can be caught out, so listen to your instructor carefully and follow their lead – they’ll help you conquer almost any obstacle.


Stay smooth

A smooth driving style brings the best out of a quad bike regardless of the conditions, but it’s even more important to stay smooth when the course is covered in mud or snow. Erratic steering and acceleration only increases the chances of a rider losing control.

Layer up & dress for the weather

The protective overalls provided at most quad biking venues are designed to keep you clean, and not necessarily warm. So it’s important to dress for the weather, pack waterproofs and wear as many thin, warm layers as possible. Once the adrenaline kicks in you’ll warm up anyway!


Embrace the challenging conditions

The winter weather guarantees thrills, spills and lots of fun, which means there’s no better time to head out on an off-road adventure. Don’t let a bit of mud and rain put you off experiencing this incredible activity, dive in at the deep end and embrace the challenging conditions!

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