We’re Ready For Black Friday, Are You?

The countdown is almost over, the best Black Friday deals are nearly here!

But what’s all the fuss about? Well, Black Friday is traditionally when shops and retailers move into the black, meaning they can offer their best deals and still make a profit – and there’s some serious bargains to be had.

Forget trailing round the shops though,  you’ll find the best Black Friday offer right here at Quad Nation, and you definitely won’t have to fight your way through the crowds to get your hands on this incredible deal.

Now, we don’t want to give away too much before the big day, but our Black Friday offer will feature our incredibly popular gift boxes. So to whet your appetite, here’s a sneak peek at what’s inside..

Your Quad Nation Voucher – The pièce de résistance, valid at more than 65 the UK and Ireland’s most spectacular quad centres, and redeemable against any experience listed on the Quad Nation website.

The Adrenalin Guide – A glossy guide dedicated to the world’s most exciting activities and experiences. Every page is bursting with facts, figures, hints, tips and trivia.

Your Redemption Instructions – A simple step-by-step guide to redeeming your Quad Nation voucher as quickly and easily as possible.

The Info Sheet – This is where we like to share all of our expert quad biking knowledge. From tresk and trails, to hints and tips, you’ll find it all on your info sheet.

And.. If you’re really lucky we might even throw in a few festive sprinkles, but as things can get pretty hectic here at Quad Nation HQ we have been known to forget!

Now you know what’s in the box, all that’s left to do now is wait for our Black Friday offer to go live and find out what else we’ve got up our sleeves! To be the first to get your hands on this awesome deal head over to the Quad Nation website at midnight tonight..



Congratulations to November’s Venue of the Month, Quad Biking Ashcombe!

Forget Christmas shopping, there’s only one place to be this winter and that’s churning up the mud at November’s venue of the month, Quad Biking Ashcombe!

Hidden in the heart of the spectacular Devon countryside, this one-of-a-kind quad centre is the perfect place to escape the chaos of Christmas, but that’s not why we’ve named them our venue of the month. The real reason Ashcombe Quad Biking have scooped top spot is because we’ve been absolutely inundated with fantastic reviews of late, and it’s easy to see why..

With a whopping 12 miles of all terrain tracks to explore Quad Biking Ashcombe is home to one of the most epic off-road adventures in the country. One minute you’re winding through woodland, the next you’re splashing through puddles, nowhere is out of bounds on this awesome all terrain adventure. All that challenging terrain is perfect for pushing a quad bike to its limits too, so if you’re ready to find out what these beasts are really capable of Ashcombe Quad Biking is the perfect place to head off the beaten track.

It’s not just the trek that makes a trip to our awesome Ashcombe venue special, almost every review we receive also mentions the hard-working team of staff and instructors. With years of experience to call on they’re always happy to welcome riders of all abilities and experience levels, and with their help you’ll be ready to overcome even the biggest off-road obstacles.

Throw in first class facilities such as changing rooms, conference facilities, showers and spectator areas and it’s hardly surprising that everybody loves Ashcombe Quad Biking! Don’t just take our word for it though, here’s a sample of some of their most recent reviews..

“Great time had by myself (an experienced rider) and my girlfriend (a novice). The terrain was varied and fun. We will rebook next year and take the kids.”

Nick – Quad Biking Ashcombe – 11th November 2017

“Good fun, lovely weather and very much enjoyed by the entire group.”

Izzy – Quad Biking Ashcombe – 4th November 2017

To find out for yourself why this brilliant venue is the deserved winner of our venue of the month award, book your off-road adventure here.

Say No To Socks & Yes To An Off-Road Adventure This Xmas!

We know it’s not exactly breaking news, but nobody wants socks for Christmas. They don’t even come close to the excitement of an off-road adventure, and that’s why this year we’re saying a straight no to socks.

It’s not just socks we’re saying no to though, we’ve declared war on all those boring Christmas presents that get chucked in a draw as soon as Christmas is over. We want something as exciting as tearing through the countryside on a quad bike, and luckily we know the perfect present.. 😉

Like all the best quad bikes, Quad Nation Vouchers are completely custom built – and they’re just as exciting as an ATV too! You choose the value (from £25), the message, and the gift wrap, making this incredible gift 100% one-of-a-kind. It’s the personalised message that really gives you a chance to put your stamp on things though, and over the years we’ve seen it all, so don’t be afraid to let those creative juices flow.

As if getting your hands on a Quad Nation voucher wasn’t exciting enough the lucky recipient will also have the choice of over 65 different quad biking venues. From quad centres hidden in the heart of the Scottish Highlands, to all terrain treks that take in views of the spectacular Yorkshire Dales – they’ll have the perfect opportunity to explore some of the country’s most rural regions.

Still not convinced? Quad Nation Vouchers are even easier to wrap than socks! You can either print them out at home and slip them into a card, or if you’ve chosen a gift wallet or gift box they’ll arrive at your door perfectly presented and ready to wrap. You can even leave it as late as Christmas Day to order your vouchers. They’ll be sent straight to your email inbox and nobody will be any the wiser – the perfect crime!

We know what we’d rather get our hands on, don’t you? Order your Quad Nation gift vouchers here and give the gift of an unforgettable off-road adventure.

“I had an awesome time, it was my best Christmas present ever.”

Samuel Hudson-Lett, Quad Biking Truro

“What a fantastic experience. A great Christmas present, thoroughly enjoyed, thank you!”

Chloe Black, Quad Biking Winchester

Quad Biking Malpas joins Quad Nation

By now you know we’re always on the lookout for the UK & Ireland’s best quad biking venues, and we’ve ploughed through the mud and rain to unearth another absolute gem. So get ready for the off-road adventure of a lifetime at our brand new venue, Quad Biking Malpas!

Hidden amongst some of Cheshire’s most rugged countryside this one-of-a-kind quad centre is the perfect place to push your handling skills to the limit, and trust us, if you love mud you’re in for a treat! With roughly six miles of winding woodland tracks to explore, the challenging all-terrain treks at Quad Biking Malpas are some of the best in the country, and you’ll even encounter a selection of man-made obstacles too. So, if you’re ready to find out what an ATV is really capable of Quad Biking Malpas is the place to be.

As well as offering tailor-made treks for both adults and juniors, this brilliant venue also boasts quad bikes for kids and adults too. With 250cc quad bikes for adults (16+) and 90cc quad bikes for junior riders (12+) both bikes pack plenty of power, and with all those obstacles to overcome you’ll need all the help you can get! Speaking of which, the expert instructors at Quad Biking Malpas will be on hand throughout your experience, and what they don’t know about quad biking isn’t worth knowing. So you can rest assured you’ll have all the knowledge and power to overcome even the most difficult obstacles.

You’ll also find a variety first class facilities on offer at Quad Biking Malpas, which makes it the ideal venue for almost any event. With everything from ample car parking, showers and changing rooms, to both conference and catering facilities, whatever the occasion Malpas Quad Biking is the perfect solution. You can even choose to watch the action unfold from the designated spectator areas!

For more on our latest new recruit head over to quad-nation.co.uk

Quad Biking Bristol is our venue of the month

Summer may be almost over, but the quad biking season definitely isn’t – and if you ask us there’s no better time for an all terrain adventure! So forget mourning the end of summer and get ready for the experience of a lifetime at Quad Biking Bristol, September’s venue of the month!

Located in the heart of the West Country countryside this one-of-a-kind quad circuit is tailor-made for fun, and throughout August we’ve been inundated with awesome reviews. It’s easy to see why though, with expert instructors, top-of-the-range quad bikes and an epic experiences guaranteed, there’s a lot to love about Quad Biking Bristol.

What really makes Quad Biking Bristol stand out though is the purpose-built track, which unlike most quad biking experiences gives you the chance to tear round a tailor-made circuit. Coming in at a whopping 450 metres this custom-built course even features a specialist skills section which is designed to push you and your quad bike to the limit. You’ll find plenty of mud and puddles to race through too, meaning you’re guaranteed all the fun of an off-road trek, with the added bonus of being able to blast round this awesome circuit.

Of course, the epic experiences on offer at Bristol Quad Biking wouldn’t be half as much fun without the team of dedicated instructors and almost every review we receive mentions just how brilliant they are! Not only are the guys as crazy about quad biking as we are, they’re happy helping riders of all abilities and experience levels master the art of quad biking, which means there nobody better qualified to teach you everything there is to know.

Before you think about jumping on one of Quad Biking Bristol‘s 200cc quad bikes just yet, take a look at some of their most recent reviews – we promise you won’t be disappointed!

“Our instructors were fantastic at making sure everyone regardless of confidence level and ability enjoyed the quad biking – we all loved it!”

Anna Adams – Quad Biking Cambridge – 09th September 2017

“Amazing, lots of fun with great instructors.”

Kat Parle – Quad Biking Cambridge – 09th September 2017

To take to the track at this awesome venue head over to quad-nation.co.uk

Quad Biking Cambridge is our venue of the month

We know not everybody’s enjoying the relentless rain, but us quad bikers can’t get enough of it and judging by our most recent feedback there’s plenty of you making the most of the mud too! So if like us you’re a bit of a mud lover, why not get down and dirty at August’s awesome venue of the month, Quad Biking Cambridge!

Boasting fun, thrills and mud by the bucket-load Cambridge Quad Biking is the perfect place for some mud churning mayhem – so it’s no wonder it’s such a big hit! The relentlessly rugged Cambridgeshire countryside is the perfect setting for a quad biking experience and thanks to the fleet of 125cc Grizzly quad bikes nowhere is off limits. The challenging mixture of winding woodland paths and bumpy hillside tracks aren’t just designed to push the quad bikes to the limit though, they’ll test your all terrain ability too, but we guarantee you’ll love every second!

As well as the breathtaking natural surroundings and top-of-the-range Yamaha quads, Quad biking Cambridge is also home to a team of expert instructors who are even more crazy about quad biking than we are. They’ve also got a wealth of experience to call on too, which means there’s nobody better qualified to help you overcome the most difficult off-road obstacles. Every experience even includes a full training session, so if you’re a first time rider you’ll be ready to explore in no time!

As you’ve probably gathered we could talk about Quad Biking Cambridge all day, but enough of our blabbing, their most recent reviews say it all..

“Quad biking was so much fun, my hen party all had a brilliant time. Our instructors were friendly and helpful, I would definitely go again.”

Sarah Butlin – Quad Biking Cambridge – 05th August 2017

“Me and my family had a great time on the quad bikes. The instructor was a very nice guy and we’re going to book again.”

Martin Cox – Quad Biking Cambridge – 05th August 2017

Summer Holiday’s are made for quad biking.. even in the rain!

The school holidays are here and so is the rain, but don’t let that spoil your fun! Quad biking is even more fun in the rain and here’s why..

There’s more mud!

That’s right, all this wet weather means there’s mountains of extra mud to play in – and you’re never too old for a good caking! As long as you’ve remembered some spare clothes, more mud = more fun.

You can race through puddles too!

It’s not just the mud that makes quad biking in the rain so much fun, there’s all those puddles to splash through too! Remember to follow your instructors path carefully though, sometimes they’re a lot deeper than they look!

You’ll get to push your quad to the limit!

Quad bikes are capable of conquering almost any terrain and there’s no better way to put that to the test than by heading out on an off-road adventure in the rain. Not only will you find more mud and puddles to splash through, you’ll also encounter some seriously sticky (and at times slippery) off-road tracks.

You’ll have an excuse to go again!

Once you’ve experienced quad biking in the rain we guarantee you’ll be hooked and you can use the wet weather as the perfect excuse to plan another experience. It’s only right that you get to sample quad biking in the sun too, so why not wait for some warmer weather and give it another go.

Of course there’s only one way to really find out why quad biking in the rain is so much fun, and that’s by braving the weather, getting outdoors and heading out on an off-road adventure of your own. Find your nearest venue here.

Quad Biking for a Hen Do?

Do you and you hens love to live life on the wild side? Then the traditional hen party activities just won’t cut it, what you need is added adventure, added excitement and added mud. What you need is an unforgettable quad biking experience!

We understand quad biking’s probably not your typical day out with the ladies though, so you’ve probably got a few questions, and that’s why you’ll find everything you need to know about hen party quad biking right here..

What should we wear?

The good news about getting the girls together for a quad biking experience is that you won’t have to invest in a new wardrobe. The bad news? You’re probably going to get muddy! A bit of mud only adds to the excitement of quad biking though, and most venues provide protective overalls to keep you safe from a complete covering. We’d still advise wearing clothes you don’t mind getting a bit wet and muddy though, because believe us it’s amazing where mud can get!

Where can we go?

There are incredible quad biking venues across the country and heading out with your hens gives you the perfect opportunity to explore some of the country’s most scenic countryside. You won’t just be admiring the views though, these unforgettable experiences take place in some of the UK and Ireland’s most rugged regions, which means you’ll be winding your way through woodland and racing across fields and farmland. Some experiences even take place on tailor-made tracks, but you can your nearest venue right here..

How long does a quad biking experience last?

The duration of your hen party quad biking experience depends on the venue and package you have chosen, but don’t worry there’ll still be plenty of time for everything else you’ve got planned. Our most popular experiences last an hour, but if you’re tight for time we also offer shorter experiences that deliver just as much fun. Whichever experience you go for, just remember to allow a bit of extra time at the site.. we know how difficult rounding up all those hens can be.

What happens when we get there?

A days quad biking is every bit as exciting as you’d imagine, but before you and your hens head off on your off-road adventure you’ll start your day by signing in, meeting your instructors and kitting up. Once you’re all looking the part you’ll sit down for a short safety briefing, followed by a hands on quad biking masterclass, which will give you a chance to familiarise yourself with the quads controls. All that’s left to do then is get your off-road adventure under way and with an instructor leading the way nowhere is out of bounds.

Do I need to have ridden a quad bike before?

All of our quad biking experiences are suitable for first time riders, so there’s no need for any nerves amongst you and your hens. With the help of the instructors you’ll get to grips with quad biking in no time, and after a few minutes out in the wild you’ll be tearing across any terrain like a pro.

Sure pampering parties are fun, and who doesn’t love a good night out with the girls, but nothing comes close the rush of quad biking! Book your hen party quad biking experience here.

Congratulations To July’s Venue Of The Month, Quad Biking Chester!

Satisfying adrenaline-seekers and petrol-heads alike due to its mud-filled and action-packed challenges, it’s no wonder that Quad Biking Chester has run away with the title as July’s venue of the month!

Submerged deep in the Cheshire countryside, your adrenaline-fuelled experience will see you undergo an off-road adventure like no other as you get behind the wheel of our spectacular 250cc Honda ATV engines – a vehicle that has been tailor-made to have you overcoming the plethora of obstacles that await you in our 250 acre’s worth of dense woodland and open farmland tracks!

Sound like a tough challenge? Well, it is! But don’t worry, our Chester quad biking venue doesn’t just come with state of the art facilities, it also comes with full expert tuition from our qualified instructors! They’ll be with you throughout your experience, providing you with all the tips and tricks needed to have you become a master of the 7-mile track – making it the perfect activity for any occasion you may be organising due to its beginner-friendly nature!

Alongside state of the art facilities and full expert tuition, the most important thing to claim ‘venue of the month’ is good customer service, and it’s something that the fantastic staff at Quad Biking Chester certainly has in abundance. Don’t just take our word for it though, just see what our satisfied customers had to say about their remarkable day out..

“Really good place for the trek and the guides/instructors very relaxed and added to a very good experience.”


Graham Pargeter – 8th July 2017

“Will definitely be going back and with loads of friends- would highly recommend it. Amazing experience and the instructor was the best ever! Loved every minute of it.”


Sharon Mcivor – 3rd June 2017

To find out first hand why Quad Biking Chester scooped July’s venue of the month award, head over to the Quad Nation website and book your unforgettable off-road experience today!

Father’s Day, its not too late…

Dad’s don’t do cards and they definitely don’t do flowers, but if your old man’s a mud lover we know something he will really get his heart racing this Father’s Day.. quad biking! OK, so we’re slightly biased but here’s why we think an off-road adventure makes the perfect present for even the fussiest fathers.

1). It’ll last longer than a box of chocolates..

The average dad can destroy a box of chocolates in just over three minutes – the memories made quad biking will last a lifetime! Even if your dad spends a couple of hours complaining about the inevitable tummy ache that’s still a no-brainer.

2). It’s more exciting than any DVD..

Not even the biggest Hollywood blockbusters can compete with quad biking in terms of excitement. With acre after acre of mad and muddy terrain to tame days out don’t come any more exciting than exploring the countryside on a quad bike.

3.) It’s most fun you can have on four wheels..

You’re never too old to love playing in the mud and a quad biking experience will give your dad the perfect opportunity to roll back the years and have some good old-fashioned fun. We can’t promise he’ll come home clean and we can’t promise he won’t tread mud through the house, but we can promise he’ll have a blast!

4.) It gives you an excuse to join in too..

We know it’s Dad’s big day, but you can’t let him have all the fun. We guarantee the whole family will love a quad biking experience and even though he might not admit it at the time you dad will enjoy it even more with you there.

5.) You won’t have to search the shops..

If you don’t have time to search the shops for the perfect Father’s Day present you can get your hands on a Quad Nation voucher without ever leaving the house. Simply order online, choose your gift wrap and wait for the postman.. or if you’ve left things really last minute select an eVoucher and print it out in an instant. Your secret’s safe with us.. 😉